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What calls to you, from the deep heart and wild frontiers of your life? What will guide you as you learn to embody your fully human way of being on this earth  in conversation with your people, your place, and the mysteries? 
We invite you to
cross the threshold, if you dare...


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The practice of wilderness questing is an ancient and cross-cultural way of clearing oneself out to listen and converse with the voices of our bodies, psyches, and the more-than-human world. People chose to undertake a quest for many reasons. You may be in or approaching a major life transition, such as a change in career, or the birth of a child. You may be feeling the calling of a longing whose shape you can’t yet see. Or you may be seeking initiation into your mythic place and role in the many shifts occurring in our world.

Each adult chooses to quest for deeply personal reasons. Yet, together, the group of nine questers and three guides will form an intimate and supportive community. This quest involves four days of preparation, your own 72-hour fasting ceremony, and then four days focused on integration work, in which you will begin the process of learning to embody what you’ve discovered on your quest. During our time together, you can expect to participate in group talking circles, one-on-one conversations with guides, solo walks on the land, expressive arts activities, ceremony, and more.

We will eat, laugh, and enjoy the wilderness together. But soul work can be hard, as is its nature. This won’t feel like a vacation. You’ll

experience discomfort and frustration, and you’ll get to experience the edges of your personal discipline. However, your reward will match your commitment. You’ll find yourself surprised, enlightened, humored and motivated.

The guides at Journeys bring many years of experience as soul-centric mentors and offer exceptional skills and wisdom to support you with a balance of head and heart. They keep you emotionally and physically safe while you’re out in the wilderness, and provide the tools you need to do your work and follow your path.

This program requires an application to ensure good participant fit, and that together we will form a strong group ready to dig into the thorny and enlivening questions of soul.




Ages 18 +
All Genders


August 19 - 29, 2019

Cascade Mountains
Program starts/ends in Bothell, WA


$1675.00; Deposit $400.00
Financial Aid may be Available

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Photo by David Moskowitz

Photo by David Moskowitz


Apply Now

This program requires an application to ensure good participant fit, and that together we will form a strong group ready to dig into the thorny and enlivening questions of soul. Please find the application here. You can submit it, as well as any questions about either the program or application, to Chris Laliberte, Program Director, at


Program Staff




A native of the pacific northwest, Andrew Middlebrooks has been shaped by the rivers, mountains, islands, the Salish sea, and the many wild beings that slink in the shadows…


Sheryl Kent


Sheryl Kent is a local psychotherapist, ritualist and soul guide for over 20 years. She has worked as a guide with Outward Bound, was the Program Director for Passages Northwest…


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